Become a Supplier

The first step to becoming an approved supplier is to register your company as a prospective supplier. Access our supplier registration and navigation guide and our multifactor authentication guide for step-by-step registration instructions. Once approved as a supplier, you will have access to our registration and bid process – including requests for information and requests for proposals – which is conducted through our supplier portal.  


We use the United Nations Standard Products and Services Code categories in the sourcing process by inviting suppliers to a competitive bid whose listed capabilities match the material or service being requested. View the list of UNSPSC categories commonly used in our bid process. It is the supplier’s responsibility to update their list of UNSPSC categories in our eSourcing portal.



Supplier Diversity

Diverse business enterprises are important to the communities we serve, and we are committed to using innovative approaches to improve business opportunities for diverse suppliers. Our suppliers are encouraged to support diversity by creating a competitive process that provides opportunities for diverse subcontractors and businesses.


To qualify as a diverse supplier for bidding opportunities with our supplier diversity program, a supplier must have a valid certification from a third-party certifying agency. View our Diverse Supplier Qualification Policy for program requirements. Certification from one of the following agencies is acceptable:

Supplier Code of Conduct

Our Supplier Code of Conduct outlines expectations for suppliers and business partners that do business with us, our businesses and our affiliates. These expectations supplement – not replace – requirements established by contract, policy or a supplier’s own ethics and compliance guidelines.


Insurance coverage is an expense of doing business. We discourage suppliers from reducing the price of a bid by cutting insurance coverage and support suppliers that price their goods and services accordingly. This sample certificate of liability insurance demonstrates the preferred coverage and limits for commercial, contractual, auto and umbrella liability and worker’s compensation contracts with Berkshire Hathaway Energy.


Suppliers are required to adhere to industry-leading cybersecurity regardless of the service provided. We require alignment with established cybersecurity frameworks and the ability to attest to compliance; performance of best-practice data encryption, website management, remote access and email security; and proactive monitoring and response to security incidents. Suppliers of critical infrastructure products and services are subject to further technical requirements, as guided by Berkshire Hathaway Energy.


We set high standards for health and safety and believe all work should be performed without injury. Suppliers must effectively manage the administration of regulation and safety requirements and internally audit safety- and compliance-related activities. Suppliers also must report findings for corrective action, proactively support the organization through interpretation of federal, state and local standards and codes, and develop and deliver training and safety awareness in a progressive and professional manner. Requirements for service providers, registration and potential fees are available in our Quickstart Guide and Pre-Qualification Safety Criteria for contractors.


Incorporating environmental, social and governance aspects into the decisions we make and the way we approach risks and opportunities enables us to deliver cleaner energy, work smarter and provide greater long-term value to stakeholders. Our core principle of Environmental RESPECT recognizes the importance of minimizing the impacts our operations have on the environment, and our suppliers play a critical role in maintaining our commitment to advancing a more sustainable future. Visit our ESG/Sustainability page to learn more.
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