Coal Energy

The Evolution of Coal

Coal’s importance in a balanced energy portfolio cannot be denied — it plays a large role in helping Berkshire Hathaway Energy deliver the low-priced, reliable energy our customers depend on. And through environmental compliance, efficiency upgrades to existing plants and expanding investments in noncarbon generation sources, our proactive business model helps us ensure we can continue to provide the energy our customers rely on while reducing the overall intensity of our emissions.

The Evolution of Coal


We will spend $900 million between now and 2022 to reduce regional haze impacts from coal plants.

Focus on Renewables

Approximately a quarter of our generating capacity comes from renewable and noncarbon sources.


Between 2005 and 2012, we spent $1.4 billion on reducing emissions from our coal-fueled plants.

Coal-Fueled Virtual Plant Tour

Advanced supercritical technology allows boiler and turbine equipment to operate at extremely high temperatures and pressures, requiring less coal and resulting in fewer emissions.