Monday, December 13, 2021

CalEnergy Philippines Completes Transition of Hydroelectric Operation

CalEnergy Philippines, part of BHE Renewables, today announced it has completed its build-operate-transfer agreement between CE Casecnan Water & Energy Company, Inc. and the National Irrigation Administration. Over the last 20 years, Casecnan’s 150-megawatt hydroelectric energy operation generated more than 9 billion kilowatt-hours of energy and delivered more than 16 billion cubic meters of irrigation water.

“The Casecnan project exemplifies BHE Renewables’ vision to provide sustainable energy solutions by harnessing natural resources. I’m incredibly proud of our accomplishments in safely operating the Casecnan project following the completion of its construction in 2001,” said Alicia Knapp, president and CEO of BHE Renewables. “As we transfer the Casecnan plant to the National Irrigation Administration, we are pleased and honored to leave a legacy that demonstrates commitment to our customers, employees and community.”

BHE Renewables began commercial operation of the Casecnan facility in 2001 as part of the country’s build-operate-transfer initiative, which was created to attract investors and help satisfy the country’s dramatically growing demand for energy.

From the very beginning of the Casecnan Project, a comprehensive corporate social responsibility program has been implemented, including:

  • Construction of relevant infrastructure projects, including access roads, farm-to-market roads, post-harvest staging facility and potable water systems
  • Promotion of education and culture through a scholarship program for high school and technical/vocational courses
  • Support for relevant school activities, teacher training and a daycare center operation
  • A comprehensive reforestation program covering more than 9,390 acres, including 311 acres of coffee orchards and 27 acres of citrus orchards
  • Promotion of safety practices, including conduct of driving safety seminars for the community and donation of rescue boats
  • Medical and health missions

In the last four years, CalEnergy Philippines has constructed several significant legacy projects, some of which include:

  • Two fully equipped infirmary clinics and a birthing clinic with ambulance units to provide immediate medical services to residents
  • A school building for the indigenous community
  • Two technical education buildings to cater to high school students and out-of-school youth
  • A view deck with a museum
  • A potable water system
  • Two eco-tourism parks to promote environmental protection
  • A sanitary landfill

“We are immensely proud of our partnership with the Philippine government and can look back and say that we have achieved the goals we set forth for our Philippine operation,” said Trinity Gatuz, CalEnergy Philippines president. “We sincerely thank all our partners, host communities, employees and other stakeholders who helped make this project a resounding success.”