1,900,000 Customers
5,300 Employees

A Diverse Energy Resource

A leading western U.S. energy services provider and the largest grid owner/operator in the West, PacifiCorp serves 1.9 million customers in six western states. The company is comprised of two business units: Pacific Power (serving Oregon, Washington and California) and Rocky Mountain Power (serving Utah, Idaho and Wyoming).

As a wind power leader, PacifiCorp is continually finding new ways to harness more sustainable energy. From 2018 to 2020, the company has increased the percentage of zero-carbon energy resources in its portfolio by 70% – all while capturing and returning savings to utility customers.

PacifiCorp’s 2019 integrated resource plan further expands its portfolio of new low-cost wind generation, solar generation, storage, and demand-side resources to meet changing customer needs.

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Service Area
PacifiCorp Service Area
Square Miles
Environmental Respect

Pacific Power and Rocky Mountain Power provide 99.98% service reliability to customers. Both utility divisions are focused on innovative ways to deliver better service to customers while keeping costs down.

Social Responsibility

Each year, the PacifiCorp Foundation contributes approximately $2 million to charitable organizations that support the growth and vitality of communities.

Who We Are

PacifiCorp draws on its integrated energy system, its vast energy grid and its culture of innovation and partnership to connect customers and communities to the low-cost, reliable and increasingly renewable energy they need to thrive and prosper.

Pacific Power

Pacific Power

Oregon, Washington and California

Based in Portland, Oregon, Pacific Power draws on its pioneering heritage and proud track record of partnership to deliver cleaner, safer and more reliable energy to 773,000 customers in 243 communities.

Rocky Mountain Power

Rocky Mountain Power

Utah, Wyoming and Idaho

Based in Salt Lake City, and serving over 1.1 million customers, the company continually works to improve the quality of life for its customers and communities through innovative programs and collaborative partnerships.

PacifiCorp Energy

Our Assets

PacifiCorp has nearly 64,600 miles of distribution lines and 16,600 miles of transmission lines - more than any other single entity in the West.

10.6k Megawatts
PacifiCorp’s owned generation capacity.
30% Renewable
Renewable and other noncarbon resources* currently make up more than 30% of generation capacity.
81k Miles
Length of distribution and transmission lines – more than any other single entity in the West.

Blue Sky Renewable Energy

Pacific Power and Rocky Mountain Power offer customers the choice of supporting even more renewable energy with its nationally acclaimed Blue Sky renewable energy program. For as little as $1.95 per month, customers enroll and the company purchases renewable energy certificates from newly developed renewable energy facilities. The electricity from these facilities is delivered to the regional power grid. More than 117,000 Pacific Power and Rocky Mountain Power customers voluntarily participate in Blue Sky.

Hydroelectric Projects

PacifiCorp’s hydroelectric projects provide low-cost, emissions-free generation for customers. Investments made as part of relicensing these facilities range from building state-of-the-art fish passage facilities, to enhancing elk habitat on adjacent lands, to, in some cases, removing dams that are no longer viable and providing long-term options to supply customers – all while accommodating migrating salmon and steelhead.

*All or some of the renewable energy attributes associated with wind, geothermal and qualifying hydroelectric facilities may be used in future years to comply with renewable portfolio standards or other regulatory requirements or sold to third parties in the form of renewable energy credits or other environmental commodities.