Friday June 22 2018

BHE Renewables Presents Check to Holt County Community Funds

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BHE Renewables
Holt County Community Funds Check Presentation

Representatives of community funds in Holt County, Nebraska, today visited the Grande Prairie Wind Farm to commemorate BHE Renewables’ contribution of $80,000 to Nebraska Community Foundation. This donation will be distributed to the respective community-based affiliated funds in Stuart, Atkinson, O’Neill and Chambers, as well as the Holt County Economic Development Fund.

As part of the Grande Prairie Wind Project, BHE Renewables has committed to donating $80,000 per year to benefit charitable activities and opportunities in the community surrounding the 400-megawatt energy generation project. “We’re proud to deliver on the commitment that was made as part of our Grande Prairie Wind Project to support activities and opportunities that will make a difference within these communities,” said Alicia Knapp, project manager for BHE Renewables. “When this annual donation is combined with eligible matching grants over the next five years, the fund has the potential to grow to more than half a million dollars.”

The funds will benefit residents of all ages through a variety of projects. “We are so grateful to BHE Renewables for recognizing these communities’ commitment to progress and the future,” said Jeff Yost, president and CEO of Nebraska Community Foundation. “We look forward to dreaming with local leadership about how these gifts can further build on the success that Holt County has already achieved and set our sights on even bigger goals for the future.”

Grande Prairie is the largest wind farm in Nebraska. In addition to providing clean, affordable energy to homes, businesses and communities, the project provides approximately 25 permanent full-time jobs as well as revenue for landowners and tax revenue for the communities within Holt County. To learn more about Grande Prairie, view the video available at:

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