Tuesday July 12 2016

Governor Visits Rocky Mountain Powers Former Mine Site Turned Wind Farm

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Rocky Mountain Power
Glenrock wind farm

Governor Matt Mead today accompanied Rocky Mountain Power officials to the former site of the Dave Johnston coal mine to view the completed reclamation project and the current site of the Glenrock and Rolling Hills wind farms. While this 11-mile tract of land produced coal from 1958-2000 to generate electricity for customers, today the same land has been restored to its natural state and is producing energy using a renewable Wyoming resource – wind. The governor’s visit today signals the ultimate completion of reclamation efforts on the site.

"Today is the final step in the reclamation process and includes 10 years of monitoring and scientific proof of the efficacy of this work," said Cindy Crane, Rocky Mountain Power president and CEO. "The reclamation efforts have been taking place over a period of many years. The result we see today is that the legacy of electricity production for our customers continues now and for many more years into the future."

The reclamation project has earned numerous awards including both the Excellence in Surface Coal Mining Reclamation Award from the U.S. Office of Surface Mining and the State of Wyoming Reclamation Award. During the reclamation, the company backfilled the mined areas to approximate original land contours, re-established drainage channels, reapplied top soil and planted seeds, sagebrush and shrubs. Besides restoring the landscape, enhancements were added to provide long-term grazing land and habitat for area wildlife. At the same time, the Glenrock, Rolling Hills and Glenrock III wind farms were constructed and began producing electricity for customers in 2008 and 2009.

"We’re proud of the work that has produced the unique evolution of this land," Crane said. "And we appreciate the recognition Governor Mead has given this project by making this visit today."

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