Thursday April 5 2018

Northern Natural Gas Ranks First Among all Interstate Pipelines in the Mastio and Company 2017 Customer Satisfaction Index

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Northern Natural Gas Company
Customer satisfaction survey stock photo Thanks to our customers’ ratings in the Mastio & Company’s 22nd Edition customer satisfaction survey, Northern has received the No. 1 ranking among 37 interstate pipelines in the U.S. For the tenth consecutive year, Northern placed first in both the Mega Pipeline and Major Pipeline categories. Northern’s affiliated pipeline, Kern River Gas Transmission Company, placed second. With these results, Northern and Kern River have been ranked first or second for the last nine years of the survey – a remarkable demonstration of Berkshire Hathaway Energy’s commitment to being the best in the industry and providing services that customers value.

“The entire company devotes a great deal of effort to make the business experience with Northern as positive and seamless as possible. This customer satisfaction rating is a result of every organizational group within Northern working with one common goal – providing outstanding customer service,” said Kent Miller, vice president of customer service and business development.

The Mastio & Company survey consists of 29 questions that Mastio refers to as attributes. The following attributes are those on which Northern scored highest in the survey.

  • Firm gas transportation is highly reliable
  • Scheduled gas volumes are accurate
  • Accuracy of invoices
  • Financial stability of the pipeline

“Every year Northern sets new customer satisfaction goals that focus on meeting the specific needs of its customers,” Miller said. “While we will use the Mastio feedback to develop those goals, they are also based on the direct communication that we receive from our customers. The goal of providing outstanding customer service is never fully completed, and we will continue to find ways to add value to benefit our customers.”

Mastio & Company is an independent marketing and management consulting firm specializing in industrial consumer opinion research for a wide range of industries, including natural gas pipelines. The ranking from this customer survey process is the benchmark used by Northern to determine its customer satisfaction standing among its peers. Northern will continue its efforts to provide superior value to its customers. The graph above was supplied by Mastio and illustrates Northern’s performance compared to its competitors.

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